Push to Start

Randy Lorenz: Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Camera Assistant

Photo by: Josh Halverson

Photo by: Josh Halverson

Randy Lorenz:
Owner, Filmmaker, & Photographer

Randy is a filmmaker and photographer that lives and works in the Midwest city that he loves, Milwaukee, WI.

He graduated from Ball State University in 2013 with a BA in Telecommunications with emphasis on Video Production and Photography.

Lorenz is rarely found without a camera in hand and can find himself staring at something odd, like an alleyway or lighting in a restaurant just to figure out how to recreate that light for a shot in the future.

In a business sense, Lorenz, is a humble and approachable person to work with on any type of project. Lorenz listens to clients needs and wants, he even talks with the client about work they received from someone else and what they [the client] wished they had differently.  He ironically prides himself on lack of an ego.

Lorenz has a creative eye and wants to use his work to bring interest and awareness to a brand or company that is most strongly said through video.

Lorenz is available for booking as an Director of Photography, AC, Camera Op, or Photographer.

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Randy Lorenz • Push to Start Productions • 2015